I Went Looking for the Best Stroller Bike on the Market — Here’s What I Found

I’ve become a big proponent of active transportation. For me, it’s part thrift and part fitness: I appreciate the health benefits of walking or cycling instead of driving, and the price of gas is so high that I couldn’t afford to drive everywhere if I wanted to. I’m currently without a bicycle (mainly because the rate of theft in this town is insane), but I am in the market for one, so I always turn my head when I see a cool-looking bike speeding down the lane.

Recently, I came across something particularly intriguing: what looked like an oversized bike with a child seat in the front, and a third wheel folded on the side. I’ve seen plenty of people hauling kid trailer behind their bikes in town, but this was new. And weird. Obviously, I had to look into this.

Through a bit of Googling, I discovered the stroller bike: a weird hybrid bicycle that can actually fold into a push stroller. While I am currently childless (as well as penniless, soulless, etc.) I was intrigued and compelled to start looking up stroller bike reviews.

What surprised me was this: even though there seems to be tons of interest in stroller bikes, and high-ranking articles about them on major sites like Treehugger and GoodGood, there are very few actual stroller bikes out there.

In fact, there’s really only two options. Sort of.

So What’s the Best Stroller Bike on The Market?

The two biggest names in this category are Wike and Taga USA Inc. The former has a product called the Salamander, and the latter is the company behind the Taga, a product that successfully raised millions in Crowdfunding on Kickstarter (turns out the bike on the street I saw was a Salamander).

You’ll notice I added a link above to the Salamander but not the Taga. There’s a reason for that. Taga USA Inc., along with its website, no longer exists.

From what I can tell, here’s the story. Following the success of the Taga stroller bike, the company launched a second Kickstarter campaign for a new product called the Taga 2.0. It worked. Then, they rolled out an Indiegogo campaign for the same thing. But before it could deliver on its promises to the Indie backers, company fell into bankruptcy, resulting in hundreds of people not getting the bikes they ordered.


On the upside, the Wike Salamander is still rolling along, and it looks to be a pretty awesome product. I actually prefer the two-wheeled configuration to Taga’s three wheels, because bikes handle turns much better than trikes do (and face it, they look much cooler).

Wike has been in the bike business for 20 years, and the Salamander isn’t their only product, so it’s unlikely they are going to crumble like Taga did.

At this point, there’s no doubt the Salamander is the best stroller bike on the market, and I want one. But I’ll probably have a kid first. Or maybe a dog.