How To Accessorize

Learning how to accessorize is all about learning how to express yourself.  Some people love statement pieces and layering a bunch all at once to get a more mismatched edgy look while others love simple and delicate pieces just to tie an outfit together.  It’s all about how you feel like expressing yourself that day.  You never have to sticking to one style – feel free to be eccentric one day and classic the next.  Fashion is all about presenting how you feel day-to-day to the people around you.

Here are a couple of ideas to tie a look together:

If you’re going for a classic look, wearing a nice, gold-chained watch with a matching gold necklace would make you appear very elegant and put together.

jewA great way to accessorize easily is to simple wear a statement necklace with a black top or dress.  It dresses anything casual up a little bit without trying too hard.

So just test out looks and outfits with different accessories and just wear what you feel represents you!